A 20-year-old man charged this week with killing an off-duty Monterey Park police officer during a botched robbery attempt in Downey spent just a day in custody following a March conviction for burglary and felony domestic violence, according to Los Angeles County court and jail records.

Carlos Daniel Delcid of San Pedro, accused of shooting Officer Gardiel Solorio, 26, five times Monday in a parking lot outside an LA Fitness gym, has been charged with murder, attempted robbery and possession of a firearm by a felon. He remains in the Los Angeles County Jail without bail.

The Los Angeles Police Department arrested Delcid on Feb. 10 for spousal assault, burglary, intimidating/tampering with a witness, false Imprisonment, and assault. The arrest stemmed from an incident in which Delcid assaulted his girlfriend while using a knife.

He pleaded no contest to burglary and inflicting injury on a spouse or cohabitant and was sentenced to 180 days in jail and four years probation on March 10, according to court records. The sentence was based on Delcid’s age and lack of prior criminal convictions, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement.

Delcid also been arrested three other times since December 2021, but information about those cases was not immediately available.

Delcid was released from custody on March 11, a day after he was sentenced. A notation on the Los Angeles County jail booking log states he was to be “released forthwith” due to a “short sentence.”

“Any questions concerning the actual length of time (Delcid) spent in custody should be directed to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department,” the District Attorney’s Office said in the statement.

However, the Sheriff’s Department on Thursday, Aug. 11, blamed the District Attorney’s Office for Delcid’s early release, noting that he received credit for 58 days of time served, which equates to about two days credit for each day in custody.

“Due to a plea negotiation, the Los Angeles County District Attorney dropped three of the five felony charges,” the Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. “It was the District Attorney’s decision to drop the serious, violent felony charges that would have rendered the suspect ineligible for early release.”

There is no indication in court records that prosecutors sought a sentencing enhancement against Delcid for his use of a knife, which could have sent him to state prison for a longer term. However, immediately after taking office in December 2020, District Attorney George Gascon banned prosecutors from seeking such enhancements.

A veteran Los Angeles County prosecutor, who asked not to be identified because they are not authorized to comment on the case, said Thursday that Delcid could have possibly been released from jail early for a number of reasons, including overcrowding, time-served credits and the low-level nature of his felony offenses.

Deputy district attorneys sometimes will delay sentencing following a conviction to ensure a defendant isn’t released early, the prosecutor said. The District Attorney’s Office could have delayed Delcid’s sentencing for 180 days to keep him behind bars. “It’s a way to make sure that a defendant isn’t going to be released,” the prosecutor said.