January 23, 2022

An Angel?

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Around the holidays, so afflicted for all of us this year, a friend of mine was walking forlornly around her neighborhood of San Roque wondering whether to spend her last few dollars on food or rent, when, alas, she lost her purse with all her so-called identity and last money so as to top off her misery. She walked back to her rental. What else could she do?

But what was that? Some heavenly messenger in a human-looking moon-suit, she thought, delivered her purse before she could even get home, all intact with that little bit of survival-money still in it!

She had been sure there was hardly a well-meaning soul left with a heart to their name after that years-long alienating massacre of humanity that everyone experienced…and even an open heart at that?

She had a hard time expressing the feeling of joy and renewed hope to me, saying that maybe real humans were not “cancelled” after all, and when a friend announced she was showing up with a bag of fancy New Year’s food, she thought she had a spiritual experience, as she called it: that of unexpected abundance and joy. What else does one experience after a few miracles?

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of us, dear stranger.

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