For the Sake of Others

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Dear S.B. County (30 plus percent overall) who are not vaccinated,

Please get a vaccine. My mom is 92, my husband has cancer, I have asthma.

Why are you not vaccinated?

Do you only care for yourself, or are you relying on your Facebook friends’ nonscientific beliefs? Do you not care for those at risk for serious, even a fatal response to COVID-19, Delta, Omicron?

I truly need to understand. I’m baffled by the stats in Santa Barbara. Only 88 percent over 65 year old, whereas nationally it’s 99 percent in that demographic.

Please get vaccinated, or please respond to why your beliefs are more important than protecting the community. Please use commonly accepted scientific data, not fringe data.

And, Indy, please step up pressure on these folks who are prolonging the pandemic in our S.B. paradise.

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