Guide to Choosing Funeral Flowers

Flowers are considered as the second language both in love and sympathy. Different flowers as well as their corresponding colors convey different emotions and meanings too. If you’re unsure of what flowers to bring or send to a funeral, here are some of the things you should consider.


The rose is one of the most famous flowers which also has one of the largest variety of colors. Each color represents different meanings some of which include:

  • Red means passion, respect, and love which is the right funeral flower for a spouse or life partner.
  • White means purity, respect, and innocence which is a suitable flower for close friends or one’s child.
  • Pink represents gentleness which is an appropriate flower to give to a neighbor, mentor, or a relative.


Orchids grow in different parts of the world and are also known as the most common flower for funerals. However, the colors of the orchids for these kinds of occasions also have their own meaning. Some of these include:

  • White orchids can be sent to anyone because its meaning encompasses beauty, humility, and purity which can be associated with anyone, regardless of gender.
  • Red represents strength and valor which is appropriate if, for example, the deceased was a member of the military or was bravely battling a terminal illness.
  • Blue orchids represent value and rareness which can be given to a funeral of a child.
  • Pink means femininity which is suitable to get for mothers, grandmothers, and the like.


Peace lilies represent innocence and peace. This plant is associated with the Virgin Mary and is often given to people who were left behind during the Easter. This plant will last long in someone’s home or office that’s why it’s a great choice to send to friends, family, or neighbors who are grieving.

The lily of the valley is one of the most suggested flowers to give if the person who died is significant in your life. The flower means that you recognize their role in your life and they have made your life complete.

The white stargazer lily is the most recommended funeral flower to give to express one’s deepest sympathy. These lilies are considered to represent your condolences to the grieving family and friends of the deceased.


These flowers represent a new beginning and are considered as flowers of hope. By giving this, you are optimistic that the loved ones of the deceased will go through this difficult time in their life with hope.

White tulips represent eternity which is an appropriate choice to give to your wife, husband, or your partner in life. It also represents purity and newness.

Pink tulips represent care and affection which can be given to co-workers or distant relatives. The color represents warmth and affection.


Daisies are also one of the most popular funeral flowers because it also grows around the world. A combination of pink, red, and white daisies represent sincerity. If you’re sending flowers to a funeral of you or your friend’s grandmother, aunt, or mother, you can also opt for white and pink as it represents admiration and respect.

These are just some of the funeral flowers that you can choose from. Make sure to ask the florist for other options, too.


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