Helene Stephanie Berren

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Helene Berren/Napolitano – loving wife, mother, sister, nana, and friend – passed away Saturday, July 17, 2021, in Temecula, CA at the age of 72.

Helene loved celebrating, hosting events, and bringing joy to others. She was a source of love and warmth for every member of her family; an avid gardener whose garden bloomed with over 70 rose bushes (with flowers larger than softballs) as well as pomegranates, peaches, and other fruit; and a dedicated friend and neighbor. She made herself the life of the party by giving to others with a generous heart and joyful attitude. Helene nurtured everyone and everything around her, and people, animals, plants, and even businesses flourished in her presence. She set high standards for herself and inspired others to excellence by example.

A pioneer woman in the tech industry, Helene worked for IBM in the 1970s after graduating from UCLA with a degree in mathematics. Among other accomplishments, she wrote punch card computer programs before transitioning to software sales, working for high tech companies including Oracle and Docusign. Ten years ago, she set out as an entrepreneur, founding AmpUrBiz, a business marketing consultancy that has helped and continues to help dozens of small and mid-sized businesses in Southern California improve their web presence, attract new customers, and increase revenue. As a business owner, she genuinely cared for her employees and clients on both a personal and professional level. She loved her work and wanted to never have to retire.

Her greatest love was her family, and she generously gave everything she had to them. She found true delight in her grandchildren, Lizzy, Maddy, and Matteo; built a world of support and love for her children, Heather, Ted, Tony, Gina, and Giancarlo; was a constant friend and confidant for her sister, Debbe; unhesitatingly welcomed her son- and daughters-in-law, Kat, Becky, and Aleks as her own; and made her husband, Mike, feel that coming home to her was like going to Disneyland every day.

In fact, she had a knack for making everybody feel like family. She touched the lives of friends, neighbors, and even her employees in ways that few others take the time or put in the effort to do, and bringing people together or welcoming a stranger was just a matter of course for her. Family and togetherness, just spending quality time in any way, was everything to her.

Helene loved the beach and loved to travel. She passed on to her children the passion for the Dodgers she inherited from her father, who took her to games growing up and taught her that you never leave until the game is actually over. Her sense of adventure and enjoyment of novel and meaningful experiences was contagious. And she was a source of strength and confidence as she encouraged her children to pursue their own dreams, letting them know that her greatest desire was their happiness.

Her warmth, memory, and impact will continue on forever.

A funeral service is scheduled for noon on Thursday, July 22nd at Mount Sinai Hollywood Hills. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the City of Hope, https://www.cityofhope.org/, or Chabad of Temecula, https://www.jewishtemecula.com/donate

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