Mon. May 29th, 2023

Robert Wales Clark died on August 6, 2022 after eight months of fighting brain cancer. In his final days, Robert Wales Clark was surrounded by the family and friends he had touched in some way during his lifetime. Bob Clark was born in Chicago on July 8, 1950 to Henry Clark and Jean Clark. His father spent over 20 years serving in the Navy, during World War II as well as Vietnam. His mother worked as a nurse at home. In 1958, they moved from Connecticut to San Diego. Bob played the drums for Helix High School’s band, and continued to play at weddings and other special events until his mid-20s. He organized several Colorado River canoeing trips with Windsor Hills Baptist Church. He enjoyed water skiing, kayaking, and boating. He worked in construction after obtaining an associate’s from Grossmont Junior College. Later, he became a DSA Inspector. He worked on many government and school buildings in Southern California, as well as a Saudi Arabia project at the end of his career. He was a man of great knowledge and passion about all things construction. He enjoyed off-roading his 4×4 Bronco and playing the drums. He also volunteered for his children’s activities and sports, went on cruises and read World War II History. He spent a lot of time and effort on being a good father and husband. Bob is survived his wife Kristine, his son Jeff, his wife Yasi and their three sons Oliver Wesley Grant, Lisa, her husband Kevin and their two sons Luke Ryan, his sister Nancy, his sister Zane, her husband Bruce and their children Rachael Kyle, and his Sister Becky.