The ‘Do-Nothing’ Foundation

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Re “Another Big Party at Bellosguardo,” kudos to Mr. Hayden for shining a light on this disgraceful, unethical situation.

How can the directives of the estate of the late Huguette Clark, whom so generously gifted this property to our city, be so blatantly disregarded? How can such huge sums of money be poured into a dishonest, do-nothing “foundation” year after year? Where is the accounting for the proceeds of large events and the selling-off of private collections? It boggles the mind.

According to Wikipedia, the Bellosguardo Foundation was formed with the help of New York Attorney General’s Charitable Division Bureau. The appropriate Santa Barbara city officials need to reach out to this agency, and to collaborate with them to remedy this situation in a timely manner.

Needless to say, Mr. Lindaman needs to be replaced by competent, trustworthy leadership, in a timely manner.

Enough is enough.

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View Original Notice ? The ‘Do-Nothing’ Foundation