These are the six victims killed in the Sacramento shooting

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SACRAMENTO — They were parents, having a good time out on a weekend night. Young people, just starting their adult lives. One was an unhoused woman, trying to survive on the streets when she was hit by a stray bullet.

In mere moments, six lives were extinguished in a mass shooting early Sunday that also wounded 12 people in downtown Sacramento. Police have said little about how they believe the shooting unfolded; two suspects have been arrested on weapons charges in connection with the massacre.

The Sacramento County Coroner’s office confirmed on Monday the identities of the victims killed: 21-year-old Elk Grove resident Johntaya Alexander, 57-year-old Melinda Davis, 38-year-old North Highlands resident Sergio Harris, 32-year-old Salinas resident Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi, 21-year-old Selma resident Yamile Martinez-Andrade and 29-year-old Carmichael resident De’Vazia Turner.

Those who know and loved the people killed spoke out in their memories in the wake of the massacre, the deadliest mass shooting in the state capital’s history.

Johntaya Alexander

Alexander was attending a club event downtown when the shooting happened, according to her cousin Rashea Allen. By the time she was 21, Alexander was attending school, working and had her own business styling lace-front wigs for clients. She had her own apartment and was “very well-established” for her age.

“She had a lot of milestones that most of women her age didn’t get to do,” Allen said.

Alexander was the youngest of two sisters and one brother and had a big family.

“She was very loved by her family,” said Allen. “She was very popular in terms of doing hair. She was raised in the area where she was close-knit with her family and her friends. She’s the type of person where she glows up the whole room and everybody was going have a good time. She did everything she was supposed to do as a young woman.”

Melinda Davis 

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA – APRIL 4: A person who did not want to be identified holds a photograph of Melinda Davis, 57, during a candlelight vigil held at Ali Youssefi Square in Sacramento, Calif., on Monday, April 4, 2022. Davis was one of the six people that were killed during a shooting that occurred early Sunday morning. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group) 

Davis, 57, had lived homeless on the streets of downtown Sacramento for years, and died when caught in the gunfire that erupted early Sunday morning, according to friends and a nonprofit that had provided services to her.

Sacramento Loaves & Fishes said Davis had visited the organization on and off for “some time,” seeking “respite from the trauma of living on the streets of our city,” according to a statement from the organization.

On Monday, the nonprofit grieved her death and offered help to others needing support after Sunday’s shooting.

“Together we mourn the loss of her life along with 5 others and hold on to hope that those injured recover quickly,” the nonprofit said.

Sergio Harris 

Sergio Harris, 38, was killed early Sunday in a mass shooting in Sacramento, Calif., on April 3, 2022. (Photo courtesy of the Harris Family) 

Harris, a 38-year-old father of three, went downtown Saturday night to a bar, but Harris wasn’t normally a “party animal,” according to his aunt Mary Fair.

“He didn’t say too much, but his demeanor said a lot. Just his presence,” she said. “He was very fashionable — you see a guy with long dreads, always smelling good, with brand new shoes. He’s just a regular type of guy.”

In his free time, Harris loved sports and weightlifting. Every Thanksgiving, Harris, who hailed from the Del Paso Heights neighborhood, participated in Del Paso Heights’ game of tackle football between the “O.G.s” — or “Old Guys” — and the “Youngsters.”

“It’s gonna be a shame we’re gonna get up there this year and we don’t see him there,” said Fair. “It isn’t gonna be right this year. He played so much that he became the O.G.”

Harris’ mother, Pamela, was at the scene after the shooting and learned that her son had been killed.

“My baby is gone,” she said, gazing over yellow crime scene tape at the scene.

Harris loved spending time with his family, who Fair said had gotten so large that they had their own church in Sacramento, called New Bethel. Harris was self-employed and was working towards his goal of starting businesses of his own.

“He had a legacy. He wasn’t just an ordinary person,” Fair said. “He had dreams and he had goals and he was achieving them, too.”

Joshua Hoye-Lucchesi

In a brief interview from her Sacramento home, Sherilyn Hoye, mother of Hoye-Lucchesi, said she was feeling overwhelmed with the loss of her son.

Sherilyn said the 32-year-old was “a loving father.” He leaves behind six children — five girls and a boy.

Yamile Martinez-Andrade

Martinez-Andrade, who had just celebrated her 21st birthday, was in Sacramento for a concert with her best friend, according to another childhood friend who asked not to be named.

The friend described her as a “beautiful person inside and out.”

“She was full of life,” he said. “She was brave and one of the strongest persons I know.”

She lived in Selma, in the San Joaquin Valley, and worked at her family’s landscaping business, according to the friend.

De’Vazia Turner

A photo is taken of a family photo of De’Vazia Turner and his sister, Antoinette Walker, at a memorial in Sacramento, Calif., for a shooting that killed Turner and five others early Sunday morning, April 3, 2022. (Maggie Angst/ Bay Area News Group) 

Turner, a manager at Wing Stop, could often be found playing basketball and detailing cars, according to friends and family.

A father of four, he began Saturday night at his mother’s house — enjoying dinner and taking a shower before going out to a birthday party at a club, said his mother, Penelope Scott. It was the last time she ever saw him alive.

“People should have the freedom to have fun without this craziness,” Scott said.

On Monday, Scott walked slowly down 10th Street, clutching onto the hands of family members as she stopped at a memorial for those slain. Family members brought bouquets of flowers and posters with photos of him and his children.

“This hurts. You’re taking lives from families,” Scott said, speaking to the perpetrators. “Why can’t people just go out and have fun?”

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